Walker Family History

Longreach is located approximately 700 kilometres from the coast, west of Rockhampton, the town is named after the "long reach" of the Thomson River on which it is situated. The town is on the Tropic of Capricorn, with the main industries being cattle, sheep, and, more recently, tourism.

Enter the Walker family - a passionate family who run a generational sheep and cattle property. Their homestead has been opened up to locals and tourists alike to immerse themselves in what can only be described as truly unique and memorable experience.

They are a family that is certainly steeped in Longreach history with their family story starting with the noted highlight of their Grandfather's arrival in Australia.

Sir James Walker arrived in Australia from Ayrshire, Scotland as a 16 year old young man. With a swag on his back and a passion for cattle and agriculture he acquired some land and set about to make his own opportunities as he saw fit.

James Walker also had a passion for Community and served as Shire Chairman for 37 years and saw prominent infrastructure set in place such as the Longreach Pastoral College, Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame, founding member of the QANTAS Museum, Department of Primary Industries and not to mention was a helpful hand with Longreach School of Distance Education.

As you take the drive into Longreach, you will notice Sir James Walker Drive and an honor bestowed on him as he was most mostly commonly known for his connection with the Community while running his agricultural business.

Where Outback Dan connected most with this Grandfather and his fondest memory being that his door was always open. Visitors, family, friends, potential buyers for his livestock, the Queen (yes, that's right) and of course, politicians were always welcome!

The Walker family story is still evolving through Dan, his brother James and of course, their Father! Watch this space my friends, with the same Community passion and enthusiasm as Sir James, these boys are sure to earn their place rightful along side the great man himself.

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Cristy Houghton