Camden Park Station

Camden Park Station Vision:

A historical icon of Outback Queensland, preserving the past and engaging all ages in the unique Australian country way of life, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Camden Park Station Mission:

It is our mission to immerse visitors from Australia and around the world in the outback way of life, enabling them to live Australia’s outback story on a working 18,000 acre sheep and cattle station. From its historical significance and grandeur to the dusty paddocks and hardships of drought, the Camden Park Station experience combines proud tales from Outback Dan, the ultimate country hospitality and unforgettable sunsets over the Artesian Bore & Springs.

Camden Park Station Values:

True Grit – Camden Park Station was opened to visitors as a means of survival after experiencing years of hardship and drought. It is this strength and fight for life that defines the ultimate outback character and is the backbone of Camden Park Station.

Outback Pride – Outback Dan and the Walker family are born and bred in Outback Queensland, and carry immense pride for the region and the outback way of life. It is our honour to showcase this to visitors and guests.

Connection – Camden Park Station not only provides a connection between city and country, but also past and present.

Country Hospitality – Everyone is welcome at Camden Park Station. Whether young or old, we have something to offer all visitors, including authentic country hospitality.

Down to Earth – Outback Dan has a cheeky, laid-back sense of humour. An outback lad who always has time for a yarn, you’ll be instant mates.

Gratitude – From survival, gratitude is born. Camden Park Station is not only grateful to be here today, we are grateful for every single visitor who supports our station and grateful for the wonderful community we live in.

Extraordinary – Camden Park Station aims to give every single guest an experience they will remember and talk about for years to come. Through generosity of information, yarns, hospitality and taking the time to get to know our visitors.

Camden Park Station Story:

Outback Dan is a living, breathing, tour-leading, genuine icon of Outback Queensland. Fifth generation farmer with country in his blood, true local Dan was raised and learned the ropes of farming on the family property, Camden Park Station outside of Longreach. A mere 18,000 acres. 

After 12 years of running his family property, unfortunately drought struck and stuck around, and Camden Park was destocked. Outback Dan saw the potential in leveraging the history and photogenic views of the station, a place where the Queen and Prince Phillip visited in 1970 and the previous home of Sir James Walker, Dan’s respected grandfather who was knighted for his service to the Longreach community in 1972. 

Dan and his brother opened up the property to visitors wanting to live Australia’s story in Outback Queensland.

A cheeky bugger, he’s as suited to serving a cuppa with scones and mingling with Outback guests as he is to feeding and mustering a herd of cattle or sheep. Outback Dan is not just a grazier. He’s a pioneer, an innovator and an outback character.

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Outback Yacht Club

OYC Vision:

An internationally acclaimed destination that compels travel, adventure and inspiration by capturing what is the experience of ‘Outback’ with its tranquillity; exceptional hospitality and unexpected entertainment.

OYC Mission:

It is our mission to connect luxury with the best of the outback, by providing an innovative and exciting club that not only promotes and supports water activities in the driest spot in Australia, but provides exciting events, excellent club facilities, and a recreational and social oasis which brings together like-minded and gregarious members from both the city and the county.

Whilst unexpected and somewhat irreverent, the OYC provides a tangible creative connection between city and country in Outback Queensland. (and is an open invitation to create that bond).

OYC Values:

Outback Pride – The OYC was born from immense pride for the outback and aims to promote and celebrate this by engaging with and encouraging more people to visit the outback and revel in its famous hospitality.

Connection – The OYC provides a tangible connection between city and country folk, bringing like-minded members together for both competitive events and social occasions.

Forward Thinking – The OYC challenges the traditional model of what a yacht club is and pursues an innovative approach to building an unconventional member organisation.

Fun – The OYC does not take itself too seriously, always maintaining a strong emphasis on fun. The club exists for the enjoyment of all members and the greater community.

Openness – The OYC is open to all people from all walks of life, actively encouraging a club community that is family friendly, welcoming and respectful of all members.

Partnerships – The OYC is built and maintained on sound partnerships with all stakeholders including our corporate partners and other high-quality clubs.

Elite – The OYC handles Elite members in the same manner as the most exclusive Yachting and Sailing Clubs around the world with tailored and exclusive attentiveness.

OYC Brand Story:

The Outback Yacht Club (OYC) was born from the genius of two innovative bush men. Following years of drought in Outback Queensland, these bush boys took matters into their own hands, creating the exclusive Outback Yacht Club as a means to drive community pride, tourism and talkability for the region.

Outback Dan and his brother James have a unique love for and loyalty to the bush that knows no end, and both are incredibly passionate about showcasing the best things Outback Queensland has to offer. The OYC was born from this immense pride for the outback and aims to promote and celebrate this by engaging with and encouraging more people to visit the outback and revel in its famous hospitality.

Whether it’s a long lunch, evening cocktail, competitive regatta or relaxing in the artesian spring the spectacular sunsets and unique tranquillity will capture you.

This 18000 acre Yacht Club is the biggest Yacht Club in the World and the OYC is one of those special experiences. Continually used for album covers by famous musicians and photographers you won’t find this setting anywhere else in Australia or as many say anywhere around the world.

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For further media enquiries, place contact Daniel Walker on 0407 139 640