Longreach's Highest Lookout

Camden Park Station is home to many great things and full of Outback history, but did you know, Longreach's highest lookout is actually located at Camden Park Station?

You look down over the horizon as the sunsets on our dinner tours...so you are actually ABOVE the sun setting!!

Climb the lookout tower to look out over the artesian pools!  The views at the lookout give you a true appreciation of the terrain, so stop, look around you, take in that glorious scenery, smell the smells and just bask in all things Mother Nature has to offer!

The actual lookout itself was, shall we say “borrowed” from the Hall of Fame (but sshhhh...it's a secret – don't tell anyone). You are able to look over Longreach and Ilfracombe – so you're able to see the towns as they light up at night. You will also get 360 degree views without any man-made infrastructure in sight.

The lookout is approximately 664 feet above sea level and “as the crow flies “is 10kms from both Longreach and Ilfracombe.   For those that aren't in the know “as the crow flies” is an idiom for the shortest path between two points....see, you learn something new every day.

Great views, great sunsets and you can even appreciate a full moon rising, if that's your cup of tea (dancing in the moonlight anyone?). But just don't take my word for it, book a tour with Outback Dan and experience it all for yourself.

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Cristy Houghton