Walkers tell their visitors just how it is

DROUGHT is all part of the story that Daniel and Brooke Walker are telling to guests who take part in sunset dinner or morning smoko tours on Camden Park at Longreach.

Started five years ago by Mr Walker's parents David and Lyn, the tourism venture is bringing in welcome dollars in lean times and looks to be permanent.

Mr Walker has a contracting business and has been busy due to the amount of destocking going on.

"I've been on a bike but now that the tourist season has come, I'm on a bus instead," he said.

After a family property was sold in 2013 he took over what was started by his parents and focused on hospitality.

As well as bus tours through Outback Aussie Tours, the Walkers are capturing a drive-in market at Camden Park homestead, thanks to the Landsborough Highway, 15km from Longreach.

They hope to boost last year's 600 visitors to 2000 this season.

The couple and Mr Walker's brother James and sister-in-law Mannie, have added a smoko tour to the sunset offering with Chinese water engineering, Santa Gertrudis cattle breeding, haymaking when the seasons are better, and talks on sheep industry changes.

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Cristy Houghton