The Bull the Queen Patted

There's only one thing the residents in Longreach want this Christmas, and that is rain.

Amid Queensland's most widespread drought on record, 80 percent of the state is affected.

There have now been three dry "wet seasons", but with summer approaching again, everyone is hoping and praying this time, there will be rain.

In the meantime, in true country style, they're getting on with the job finding ways to survive by diversifying, as today reporter Aislin Kriukelis.

With land as dry as it looks it's hard to imagine a more sunburnt country.

The walker’s on Camden Park, have tended to empty paddocks for two years, but have now started business camps for companies, as well as generating a bit of tourism thanks to the queen.

The queen visited the Walker’s Camden Park farm 1970, and stopped to pat James’ grandfather's prize-winning bull.

“That photo exploded, as you can imagine. It went all around the national newspapers.

“There's a seat here that the queen sat in, so we have a high tea on occasions and get people to come out and experience what life might have been like.

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Cristy Houghton