The Outback Yacht Club

Support the development of Australia's first Outback Yacht Club, a key initiative of Camden Park Station, LONGREACH | AUSTRALIA

The Outback Yacht Club is the world’s most unique yacht club.

The Outback Yacht Club (OYC) was born from the immense pride of two innovative bush men. Following years of drought in Outback Queensland, these bush boys took matters into their own hands, creating the exclusive Outback Yacht Club. This unconventional sporting and social club aims to celebrate and showcase true outback hospitality through exclusive social events and is a means to drive community pride, tourism and talk ability for the region.

The Outback Yacht Club is the ultimate connection between city and country, bringing together like-minded sports personal from all over Australia and beyond, as serious competitors or not so serious fun-seeking socialites wanting to experience and celebrate the Outback. 

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Outback Paddle Regatta

Outback Dan and the Ginga Ninja have a unique love for and loyalty to the bush that knows no end, and both are incredibly passionate about showcasing the best things Outback Queensland has to offer. The Outback Paddle Regatta (OPR) was born from this immense pride for the outback and aims to promote and celebrate water sporting at Longreach by engaging with and encouraging more people to visit the outback and revel in its famous hospitality.

Set on the mighty Thomson River located 5 km north of Longreach in Outback Queensland, the Outback Paddle Regatta offers something for everyone. Whether it’s a stand up paddle boards, kayak, canoes or dragon boats, this competitive regatta will be one to remember.

Registrations opening soon