The Outback Yacht Club

High-flyer (noun) – according to Urban Dictionary is a person who is or has the potential to be very successful, especially academically or in business.

With this in mind, Camden Park Station would like connect the city with country by putting the onus on the high flyers, corporate and young professionals of Australia (and the world for that matter) to visit and experience The Outback Yacht Club.... involve the people who haven't seen their own back yard yet as they have been too busy travelling the world.

Set on the picturesque Artesian bore of Camden Park Station - the Outback Yacht Club offers something for everyone. Whether it's long lunches, an evening cocktail party or even a regatta...whatever your occasion, this unique experience is sure to give you bragging rights when you return back to the city and tell your friends and family.

The Outback Yacht Club is a place where the corporate world can travel to and team build – whether its on the fence line or drinking cocktails in the club house watching the spectacular's a place where you can't do anything but take in the serenity and your co-workers and experience that magical moment when you become “one with nature”.

The hope is that once these professionals experience the Outback Yacht Club and all the Outback has to offer, they will return with their families and continue the city/country connection they have become so proud of today. Think of it as it's a place where you have to “disconnect to reconnect”.

Longreach recently had the CEO of Virgin Australia, his 2IC and Jayco visit – arriving in a private jet (see above picture), which arrived 2 hours after leaving Melbourne (that's right...2 hours).

So really, what are you waiting for? Jump on plane and make your way to Longreach and experience all it has to offer – true outback hospitality and where family means everything (the town literally closes on Sunday's so they can spend time as a family). Hear stories on how this great country of ours was pioneered and connect to what it is to be an Aussie...lets get that Australian image strong again!

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Cristy Houghton